Why You Need to Use and Adult Toy Cleaner

Sex toys are super common: more than half of men and women alike own a dildo, for instance. We all like to use adult toys from time to time: they make sex more fun, they allow you to do more, and there is a huge range of different toys available for all genders and orientations.

Yet if you own adult toys, you also need to own adult toy cleaner. Using a great adult toy cleaner is a vital part of adult toy care, letting you keep sex fun and lets you get dirty while keeping your toys clean.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at why cleaning adult toys with a great cleaner is of the utmost importance. Are you ready to learn more and start treating your toys better? Then read on and let’s get started!

1. Sex Is a Messy Business

Let’s face it, sex is a messy business. No matter what configuration of partners is involved, there will be all manners of bodily fluids involved.

While this is great fun in the moment, it also raises some hygiene concerns. Bodily fluids contain a lot of different bacteria. Some are harmless, but some can cause infections if you allow them to grow on your toys.

No one wants to deal with an infection, especially not a genital one. When you use a sex toy cleaner, it will kill bacteria that lurks on your toys, letting you have fun without any worries about what might be growing on your toys. Anything growing on your toys is a gross thought, frankly: stick to letting orgasms bloom with your toys, nothing else!

2. Soap and Water Can Damage Toys

If you normally clean your toys with soap and water, you should switch to a toy cleaner right away. Water and soap both contain minerals that can result in a build-up on your toys, which can be incredibly hard to get rid of, and can ruin the look and feel of your toys.

Not only this but soap and water can actively damage some toys. If you’ve got porous toys that are made of jelly rubber or similar materials, the build-up can work its way into the toys and lead to cracks and splits.

This means that if you’ve got a favorite toy that you want to be using until you’re old, you need to be taking care of it with a great cleaner, not soap and water.

3. Gentle on the Genitals

Using the wrong products to clean your sex toys can lead to unpleasant irritation of your genitals. This is particularly common with scented soaps or harsh chemicals.

Cleaning adult toys properly with a cleaner negates this issue. The cleaner is gentle and designed to be used on sex toys, which means that it won’t leave any unpleasant residue behind to irritate you.

4. It Makes Cleaning Your Toys Very Easy

Sometimes cleaning your toys can be difficult or seem like a huge chore. We get it. Yet it’s an important job, so why not make it easier on yourself?

When you have sex toy cleaner, all that you need to do is spray it onto your toy, let it rest for a little bit, then wipe it off. Easy as pie.

Compare this to washing it with soap and warm water, where you need to run a little adult toy bath, make sure that your soap won’t damage your toys, make sure the water isn’t too hot, then laboriously wash them. The only way that you can make washing your toys even easier is by having toys that you can throw in the dishwasher, and they’re few and far between.

5. Avoids Rotting

This might sound gross, but it’s important to know: your juices can cause sex toys to rot over time. If you don’t clean your toys, the bacteria can eat away at the toys if they’re made of certain materials.

Rotting sex toys aren’t something that anyone wants to find in their drawer.

What’s worse is that these toys can actually leech inside of you, which means that your genitals will be getting contaminated by the toys. This is pretty grim, so you should avoid this by using a great toy cleaner to keep them as clean as can be.

6. You Could Catch an STI

This sounds like something that your parents would make up to put you off the idea of owning sex toys, but once again, it’s true.. You can actually get an STI from your toys. Not directly from them of course, but if you don’t clean them, bodily fluids that get left behind can spread STIs easily.

While some germs will die off quite fast, others are surprisingly hardy, including hepatitis B. No one wants to end up with an STI from solo fun, so make sure that you clean them after each and every partner.

7. It Keeps Your Toys Clean Before Use

Where do you keep your toys? Most of us will keep them in a drawer next to the bed, and while this is convenient, do you really know what’s in that drawer? If it’s full of lint or dust, this can lead to irritation if you put it inside yourself.

If you use a sex toy cleaner before you use the toy, you can be sure that it’s clean, sterile, and isn’t going to cause any issues if you use it to have some fun.

You Need to Use an Adult Toy Cleaner

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this look at why you need to use an adult toy cleaner and will now start using one to take care of your toy collection. If you’re interested in adding to your range of toys, we can help you: why not take a look around our site and find something new to spice up your bedroom?

If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to get in touch!