Why To Wear Sexy Lingerie

Throughout history, traditions and clothing fashion have evolved, especially lingerie. The under garments serve as a mean of expressing just a subtle erotic intention or an open fetishism in which the person reaches a state of excitement produced by the contact, possession or use of underwear. Wearing and showing erotic lingerie to the sexual partner in the foreplay activity is usually a common practice that allows excitement between the lovers. 

Erotic lingerie is designed to raise the desire in intimate encounters, but also to make you feel good in your daily activities, knowing what you wear is hidden in plain sight. At an adult toy store you can find variety and options depending on your taste and level of daring. Also, some people get other benefits far beyond sexual relations. Next, we explore those benefits.


When you dare to wear sensual lingerie your attitude changes. In the case of women, they may feel empowered knowing how that could drive a crazy love partner before and when in bed. With a sexy lingerie there is no need to turn off the light or cover themselves with the bed sheet. 

In the end, it’s about giving yourself permission and looking, in this case, for an accessory that helps you to channel your sensuality. The experience of wearing lingerie can last as long as you want and / or need. There is no set period. With a wide variety of options you may try until finding which ones will become your favorites. 

Erotic lingerie can be used as often as you feel comfortable. There is no recommended frequency. The ones that make you feel good, are the right ones. The most common benefits of using this type of lingerie is that you feel more beautiful, daring and sensual. Also, little by little, you will feel more comfortable with your body and with your sexuality.


Another powerful reason to use lingerie is that routine is one of the great enemies of sex and is usually a real problem when it is allowed to arrive, or worse, to settle in the bedroom. Dressing in a daring and sexy way allows us to break with the routine, stimulate the senses, sight, smell, touch and of course, one should not forget about the imagination. In general, we all love provocation and suspense before ending with a naked body.  When your partner sees you get to bed, or to the bedroom dressed in a sensual and daring way, they know that you are doing it for him, or her, stimulating and exciting, running their imagination wild for what is to come. It makes love partners feel flattered and very important. On the other hand, the fact of sharing a certain transgression of what is customary, creates complicity and nurtures the relationship.


 If what you are looking for is to seduce your partner, the ideal lingerie is a bodysuit, stockings and garters. Accompany any of these options with high heels and you will be irresistible. It is a style that makes any type of body look sophisticated and naughty. And for him, there are options too! It is becoming more and more common for men to wear sexy lingerie. Now there are designs exclusively for them. It is a trend to create and dare -with greater versatility. With these garments our friends hetero and gay alike find that special piece that highlights his body.

At New Fine Arts Dallas you will find a vast selection of sexy lingerie and for that further daring experience you can jump into erotic costumes, a variant of sexy intimate apparel, and make the most original sexual fantasies come true. 

The beauty of these fashions is that they put you in a more sensual mood, simply by knowing that you are wearing it.  

Live, Love, Play, Safe!