What Is the A-spot?

A Hidden Erogenous Zone Of Women

Exciting a woman is not always easy. Each one likes a certain thing, in a certain way and at a different rhythm and order. This forces her partner to find a way to please her . But by doing so, the relationship can become much stronger, more fun, and enjoyable for both of you.

You’ve probably heard of the G-spot in women that leads to orgasm. But have you ever heard of the A-spot?

We reveal and give you some tips for the other erogenous zones you should be aware of and why, specifically A-Spot.

What is A-Spot?

This secretive area of the female body is a place of the vulva where some women have reported extreme sensitivity and, if it is stimulating it promotes arousal and even leads them to reach orgasm  for the first time, or to experience it more intensely than others. A-spot is located inside the vagina, a few inches from the G-spot between the cervix and the bladder, in the deepest part of the vaginal cavity.

How to Stimulate a Woman’s A-spot

Either by yourself at home or by letting your partner do it. Either way, the best way to stimulate this spot is through masturbation . The easiest way to stimulate this place is by inserting a pair of fingers through the vagina and caressing the area gently, putting the fingers in a C-shape and stretching them. According to studies, the pleasure it produces increases the more it is stimulated and can provide a multi-orgasmic  experience. Here you can add even more fun to your night of passion. One of the vital needs when choosing sex toys is to know well both the female and male anatomy: especially because with each new model it is about stimulating the same nerve endings and you must reinvent yourself. You can visit an adult store and see the wide variety of toys you can try and choose your favorite to add that sexy touch to your relationship.

If you want to experiment while having sex, the best positions are those in which the penis is fully inserted, such as doggy style or the one in which the woman is on top, or the classic missionary position.

Extra Tip

Many scientists agree that the existence of these points is subjective, and that, although there are obviously parts of the vulva and vagina that are more sensitive than others, the anatomy of each woman, as far as this is concerned, is different.  The most important thing is to listen to your partner in order to give her/him pleasure. If you want to spice up  your relationship, you have to visit one of our three locations in Dallas Fort Worth. New Fine Arts Dallas is the number one novelties store, and you will find tons of options to enjoy your sex life.