What is Libido? Tips To Increase It

First of all, let’s define libido as the desire for sexual pleasure. It could also be categorized as a behavior response to sexual attraction.

But unfortunately, sexual libido is not the same in all people, nor does it remain constant at all stages of life. Many factors, physical and psychological, such as lifestyle, education, hormonal alterations, stress and feelings, among others, play a role in its intensity.

What Affects libido?

Anxiety, relationship difficulties, health problems and age can affect libido. Although a low libido is not usually a problem, it can affect a person’s relationships and self-esteem . Sexual dysfunctions: erectile dysfunction, vaginismus or anorgasmia, Mood disorders. Fatigue and tiredness, personal fears of not satisfying the partner, monotony in the relationship and even having an unsatisfactory sex life are factors that can affect libido  in both men and women.

So, How Can I Increase It?

There are several ways to increase your or your partner’s libido and here are some tips to make your relationship more pleasurable.

  1. Foreplay

Having better sexual experiences can increase a person’s desire for sex, so raising their libido. In many cases, people can improve their experiences by investing more time in touching, kissing, sex toys and oral sex. Here you can use a sex toy that you can find at any adult store  Dallas to help you and your partner feel more pleasure or experience new sensations. You can choose from many options at your local adult store  New Fine Arts. 

  1. Healthier lifestyle: 

Having a healthy weight, being drug free, exercising regularly and eating healthier all help in increasing libido as it also increases energy levels.

  1. Improving the quality of the relationship: 

Focusing on improving the relationship can increase each partner’s sexual desire. This could include planning date nights, doing activities together outside the bedroom, spending quality time together will benefit the communication and coexistence.

  1. Dealing with stress: 

Lowering the stress levels that we are exposed to every day will definitely help to raise your libido. There is no better way to enjoy sex than to be relaxed. Choose the method that connects you best such as meditation, exercise or even a relaxing massage .

  1. Make an appointment with your doctor: 

Consulting your doctor for a case of decreased libido is one of the best things you can do before embarking on any form of treatment or therapy. Whether you are going through physical or emotional changes, there is no better help than a professional, so before taking any medication or making any decisions regarding your body and your relationship, go to a professional.

These options will be of great help to increase libido, which will allow both you and your partner to have a healthy and happy sex life. Finally, you will be ready to enjoy your intimate life again. And of course, we can not stop inviting you to New Fine Arts Dallas  and  visit any of our 3 locations since you will find thousands of options to give a new and fresh air to your relationship, from sexy lingerie, lubricants to the newest technology toys.