What Exactly Are CBD Lubricants? Plus How to Use Them

Did you know 20% of all women reported using sexual lubricant in the last month? If you’ve never used it, you should reconsider.

Lube makes sex more fun, helps with masturbation, and is absolutely necessary for anal play.

You’ve, no doubt, seen the glut of CBD products on the shelves. Oils, creams, and edibles are everywhere. Are you aware of CBD lubricants?

They might be the answer if you’re looking to add extra zing to your sex life. Read on to learn why you need to experiment with CBD-infused lube.

Less Pain, More Gain

As many as 75% of all women will experience pain during sexual intercourse. It might be every time, or it might be intermittent. Either way, painful sex is terrible for you and your partner.

CBD personal lubricant helps ease painful intercourse because of CBDs anti-inflammatory properties. The less friction and pain you feel during the act, the more fun you’ll be able to have.

Increased Blood Flow

Have you found your erection isn’t what it used to be? Women, do you seem to have more trouble “getting there.”

There could be many reasons why, but CBD lube oil is a solution. When aroused, your sexual tissue engorges with blood. CBD helps increase blood flow to all your stimulated sexual areas.

Increased Pleasure

CBD interacts with your body’s cannabinoid system. This system is a series of receptors that help regulate vital body functions like mood, appetite, and sleep.

It just so happens that your reproductive organs and sexual tissue are full of these receptors. Hemp lubricant heightens sexual sensation by stimulating these receptors.

Expand Your Horizons

For many heterosexual couples, anal sex is a bridge too far. Women find themselves uncomfortable with the idea and fear the pain it may cause. If they tried it once and had a bad experience, they’re less likely to try again.

Using CBD oil for lubrication when engaging in anal play is a great way to put your mind and body at ease. Why do CBD and anal work so well together? The reasons are:

  • CBD relaxes your muscles
  • Reduces inflammation in the anal tract
  • Increases pleasure sensations

Anal sex isn’t for everyone, but CBD gives you the best chance at an enjoyable experience.

Better Orgasms

Difficulty achieving orgasm isn’t strictly a female problem, though many more females do have trouble climaxing.

CBD lube oil increases stimulation and promotes natural lubrication. The wetter and more stimulated you are, your chances improve for better, stronger orgasms.

Try CBD Lubricants in the Bedroom Now

Why waste your time with lackluster sex? There’s a whole world of kinky fun available if you try CBD lubricants.

These lubricants reduce pain and friction. They heighten stimulation and increase blood flow. Why wait any longer?

Your next night of great sex is minutes away. If you’re in the Dallas area, visit New Fine Arts today for the latest CBD sexual products.