Tracy’s Toy Box – Overall Thoughts and Review on Toys!

Here is my final toy review of all the wonderful toys from Adult Megaplex!

Lelo Gigi 2– This is a great toy for many different reasons. I used this toy alone, although it could be used with a partner as well. I felt like it was best used solo. It has eight different modes; it’s silent, waterproof, VERY powerful and the tip hits the “sweet spot.” I loved the fact this toy was silent. Since I am married, I didn’t want my husband to get jealous or get his feelings hurt. (Aims for the G-Spot)

JimmyJane Form 2– This toy was probably my personal favorite! The vibration was strong, it is waterproof and it was also very quiet. It comes with a universal adapter so you can charge it on the go! If you are a busy person like myself and that moment strikes, you could use the Jimmy Jane since it is small, quiet AND has the universal adapter to charge! I used this toy with my husband but it could also be used alone. It has vibrating “ears” that help stimulate either with a partner or by yourself. It is also one of Adult Megaplex’s best sellers! (Clitoral Stimulator)

Palm Power– This toy is a super charged massager that I personally felt was best used alone instead of with a partner, but you could use it either way. It has intense vibration and is good to maybe get yourself going before intimacy with a partner, or to just get the job done quickly by yourself! (Neck Massager or Vibrator)

Jack Rabbit– The Jack Rabbit has two functions; pulsation and vibration. There are non-jamming beads inside that are amazing. There is an auto-off feature which is good in case you forget to turn the toy off. This toy is good for single use or to be used with a partner. The rabbit ears touch the right spots and really get you in the mood! (Internal and external stimulation with auto shut-off)

Beaded Rabbit– This toy is so good, it will have you curling your toes! There are rotating metal beads, a one touch control button, is very soft and the rabbit ears and whiskers hit you in all the right spots. I personally liked using this toy alone but could be just as good with a partner. This toy is also one of my favorites! It is a MUST try! (Internal and external stimulation).