Tips for Traveling With a Sex Toy

Traveling with a sex toy is usually a desire for many but few do. Do you consider going out soon? Sure you have to pack clean clothes and hygiene items but what about a sex toy, for many it is useful to know how you can take it on your trips without any problem.

Traveling with a sex toy can be complicated … because if you are going to take a plane, you have to know and investigate very well if they are legal in the destination you are going to, even if you do not believe it, in many places they are not allowed , so carrying your consenting sex toy will not always be as simple as you think and precisely for this reason we will give you some tips that will be very useful, so follow them and have a good trip.

No to handcuffs!

If you like rough games and BDSM, enjoy it your way but before heading to a paradisiac place make sure you can bring handcuffs. Maybe you have no problem explaining what you are using them for. Some people may be confused and you could get into trouble by further saying that it is only for sexual use. You may get stopped at the airport for questioning. Remember that toys such as whips, handcuffs, etc. are not allowed in carry-on bags.


Usually when traveling, we do our best to avoid extra weight and reduce our belongings to a minimum. Lubricants are an important part of using a sex toy. If you decide to take them with you, it is essential that the lubricant is water-based, so as not to damage the toy. The simplest and lightest option is to use single-dose lubricants that you can buy in your trusted erotic store.

The only downside is that you might be short on those individual envelopes. Be careful with liquids remember that only 100 milliliter liquids are allowed in your hand luggage, so take that into account so that you do not throw your things in the trash.


If what you are looking for is discretion, intimacy and want to avoid being noticed, remove the batteries from your toys, in an airport it will attract attention without a doubt if all of a sudden there is a vibrating suitcase. It can happen, and it will be a scene no one will forget.

Size does matter

It is great that you like not having taboos about your sexuality, and you want to take some “friends” with you on your trips, but to travel with a sex toy you should consider that it should not be too big. Size is not a bad thing; however it may be too visible in your suitcase if security asks you to open it, discretion is always better. 

Be honest

There is no specific prohibition or rule that talks about not traveling with sex toys, but if you have any doubts it is best to ask and approach an agent and express your doubts, believe it, you see much stranger things, your toys will not be an issue.

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Live, Love. Play Safe!