Squirting: What You Need To Know

Squirting is associated with pleasure, but there are many women who have never experienced it. And although it is often compared to male ejaculation, it is not exactly the same, nor is it a symbol of greater sexual vigour.

Female ejaculation

Let’s start by saying that women can secrete different types of fluids during arousal and sexual activity. We have often heard women say they “feel wet”, which is due to the production of natural lubricating substances in the vagina, a mechanism that is triggered when feeling sexual desire. Squirting, on the other hand, refers to the expulsion of a variable amount of diluted urine, which comes out through the urethra, but it does not smell and is transparent, like water. It is a natural response generated by our body to the stimulation of the clitoris or the clitoris-vagina-urethra area together.

As for  Female ejaculation, it is a different mechanism and the fluid that is expelled is a more viscous and whitish colored fluid, also more like male ejaculation, and does not come from the bladder but from very small glands. These glands are located on both sides of the urethra and are therefore also called urethral or paraurethral glands.

G spot

Although many women have not yet had the experience of squirting, there are some tips we can give you so that you can achieve it or make your partner get it. Let’s start by mentioning the key: stimulation  of the woman’s G-spot is the way to squirt. If you still do not know where the g-spot is located, it is located at the top of the front wall of the vagina, about 4 centimeters from the vaginal orifice.

If you can’t find your G-spot during exploration with your fingers or your partner’s fingers, don’t worry. There are special sex toys, vibrators  and dildos to help you and to locate and stimulate the G-spot with ease, and you can find them at any adult store .

Experiment a squirt

Once you have located the “G” spot inside the vagina you can begin to stimulate it to achieve squirting. If you have never stimulated this area it may feel strange at first. You may feel a slight pressure in your bladder. Don’t worry about it. Keep stimulating because it is the sign that you are well on your way to the final goal. While stimulating your most erogenous zone, exercise your pelvic muscles by contracting and releasing them as when you want to hold your urine. When you notice that you are reaching orgasm remove your fingers from your vagina and push as you enter the point of no return. You will notice a flow going down your vagina. Keep pushing until ejaculation comes out of you.

If you succeed you will have achieved a squirt and your orgasm  will be unforgettable. If you don’t succeed, don’t get frustrated. Squirting requires a lot of practice if you have never tried it before. If you keep looking for it, it will appear when you least expect it.

However, if you have not yet experienced it but you are curious, you can explore, alone or with a partner, where the different points that generate sexual pleasure in you are located and check your response to stimulation . But always do it as a game, and in a natural way, without thinking “I have to get it”, which doesn’t help you relax or enjoy yourself. Don’t forget that you can visit one of the 3 locations of New Fine Arts in Dallas as we have a great variety of sex toys for you or to enjoy with your partner. We are proud to be the number 1 adult store in DFW.