Sex without penetration?

Yes, you read that! Leaving our comfort zone and daring to experience our sexuality is not something easy, but we are not going to give up new sensations, right? So, here at New Fine Arts we give 5 tips to enjoy sex without penetration:

We usually believe that having a sexual relationship involves only penetration. Maybe it is a matter of principle or just not being adventurous. The truth is, if there is no coitus involved there are much more experiences to enjoy a fulfilled sexual encounter. Our bodies have so many erogenous areas to explore. And New Fine Arts Dallas has a lot of sex toys to help you accomplish that.

Set the atmosphere

Light a couple of scented candles, put on some music to help you get into the mood and get ready to enjoy new experiences. Stop thinking of foreplay as foreplay and make it the main course. What in a penetrative encounter would be the garnish, in these games becomes the main course, and that is why they are so important. Remember that everything is allowed here except intercourse.

Warm up with an erotic massage

What better idea to start warming up the engines than a good erotic massage ? Massages are ideal to relax the pressures of the day.  First, put a couple of drops of oil  in your hands and spread it all along your partner’s back, making gentle caresses. Then, little by little, move down from her back to her thighs and continue to caress her gently. Repeat this until you want to move to the next level. It is not necessary to follow the advice as is, because when you are with your partner you both will realize where and how strong you like the massage. As in sexuality it all depends on personal taste and that you feel good at the time, and both enjoy the moment.

Binding game

This game goes a little further than tying . It is about removing your lover’s senses of sight and touch. You can play with a blindfold and cover his eyes… so he/she doesn’t know where you are. Then, take the strings or handcuffs and tie his/her hands in such a way that he can’t touch you. Now that he doesn’t know where you are, it’s time to play! Take some feathers and test his senses. It’s time to turn up the pleasure! Use a multitalented and powerful mini vibrator  . Play with your partner’s most sensitive areas until she/he explodes with pleasure.

Blind oral sex

Your lover is totally tied up right? keep taking advantage of it! It’s time to go further and give more importance and too much pleasure to the intimate parts of the body. If you want to impress your partner give him/her a really good oral sex session. Here you can use your favorite flavored lubricants.


To bring your partner to climax, it is best to include some vibrating sex toys to enjoy this game much more. For men, try a masturbator for an out-of-this-world experience. Using this gadget is pretty easy: apply some water-based lubricant inside the masturbator. At New Fine Arts Dallas you will find different models, materials, and types for every taste. Always carefully read the instructions.  And for women you should definitely try a clitoral sucker , to give your lover super intense orgasms.

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