Say Goodbye To The Routine With Role-playing

At New Fine Arts Dallas, we know role-playing.

Sometimes a couple needs to reinvent themselves in the sexual field so that the relationship does not turn off or becomes monotonous. It is common, over time, the desire for the other weakens so it is good to use various strategies to keep the flame of passion burning, role-playing is one of the best options to keep that flame burning.

The purpose of these games is to fulfill the fantasy of being another person by completely changing the personality and perhaps the profession; this is where the most secret fantasies can be revealed and it is incredible to discover them.

How to Start

The first thing is to get rid of taboos. Do not judge yourself or make the other feel bad if they do not satisfy your proposals. The point is to find what works for both so that you can enjoy the experience to the fullest. One of the most important things is communication, something that all couples’ therapists hold is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship  

In sex, it is also very important to listen to yourself and express what you feel. So, talk to your lover about this possibility, create rules if you are going to try it, and then have a conversation about how it turned out. This way you will know if it is an option for you that can bring benefits to your relationship.

Use costumes

One of the most classic ways of role-playing is to be accompanied by costumes. Costumes are not just for children, nor for Halloween or Carnival celebrations. They can also be used to surprise your partner. Of course, the chosen theme will be different from the one we would choose if we had to go out with that outfit (or not). But the truth is that it is a fun and sensual idea at the same time.

In the past, people wore costumes as a way of liberation in actions and attitudes, to this day, we play different roles during adult Halloween parties, so it is not strange for us to have experienced it. Also, by wearing a costume you can bring a scenario to spark the imagination. We have been role-playing and we didn’t know!

You can be what you want, there are no limits. Playing a role can help you bring out a more sensual side than you usually allow yourself. Of course, in addition to the specific clothing, they will have to come up with a kind of script or plot for their story. you do not need to know it by heart or write it down on paper. Let yourself be carried away by the situation and say the first thing that comes to mind once you put yourself in the shoes of the chosen character.


Have fun with your partner while playing your character.  In the intimate session you will enjoy the rush of endorphins, which are the hormones responsible for improving our mood, putting stress aside and not thinking about adverse situations.

Overcoming shame and fears together will strengthen the relationship, and not just when it comes to sex. If you do not dare to wear a costume, you can always start with a burlesque-style sexy lingerie, along with other accessories like masks or inviting footwear. 

In New Fine Arts Dallas you will find everything you need to become the best at sexy role-play.