Novel High-Tech Sex Toys

Getting out of the routine is fun. Yes, experiencing new things gets you out of the ordinary, so there is no excuse to dive into the unknown. New Fine Arts Dallas Fort Worth offers you a walk through the world of smart sex toys.

Let’s take for example the female orgasm (although now we will see that the vibration is not exclusive to this sex). At a scientific level, there is still so much to know about it, some people say it remains a “mystery.”  The female sexual satisfaction is not only consolidated as a market niche, but it became an objective to be explored beyond what had been done until a few years ago. How? By resorting to innovation in materials, adding sensors, improving motors to make them act silently, or turning to scientists to formulate the products.


The convergence of technological evolution and the search for satisfaction in all its possible variety has meant a wide range of products for individual or collective sexual stimulation, so that characteristics such as resistance to water or USB charging have become widespread, prioritizing aesthetics, cleanliness and also looking for smart in vibration patterns.

Technology has brought a lot of innovations to sex toys. The vast human imagination has proven to be very ingenious when inventing and perfecting these gadgets with the sole purpose of bringing more pleasure: For her, for him or for both. 


The look of the new adult toys is modern, elegant and discreet, you may even find yourself leaving it at the bedside with a little note to your partner and not even be worried about somebody else seeing it. With so much colors and materials, there are options from artsy to industrial, ha! A great advantage of visiting a sex shop in Dallas Fort Worth is the possibility to talk to a live person that can give you a lot of information as to the use, caring and sanitization of these tech gadgets.

Remote-Controlled Pleasure

Comfort and ergonomics are also key in pleasure technology and when it comes to female stimulation, we see articles that are far from the phallic form of type vibrators. They can also be waterproof and have a remote control incorporating a microphone that converts ambient noise like speech, music, or your favorite audiobook into vibrations. Who would have thought about that!

Regarding compatibility, some have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, also, there are those compatible with Android or iOS. These advanced sex toys allow you to control remotely the speed and intensity of your partner’s experience; while sharing images while using them, thanks to the integration with cameras and microphones. Fun alone or with a partner guaranteed. So no more missing the fun for being out of town!

Enhanced Experience

With super novel designs, safety and a full arrangement of options; high tech adult toys bring new experiences for those moments either alone or with a partner

Whatever your taste, technology can help you get what you’re looking for. What is clear is that the paths of pleasure are inscrutable. Visit one of our three locations in the Dallas Fort Worth area and unleash pleasure … smartly!

Live, Love, Play, Safe!