Let’s Talk About Condoms and The 7 Mistakes We Make

Condoms are the only contraceptive method that not only protects us from pregnancy, but also from sexually transmitted diseases. At New Fine Arts you will find them in a wide variety of sizes, colors … and flavors, we have condoms for every taste and need.

Not all condoms  are the same, but like any other accessory, maybe one day you feel like going more natural, another time you want to go fresher, wear an intense perfume or go warmer. It’s the same with condoms, there is one suitable for every moment, and you will find lots of options at your adult store  in Dallas!

Categories of condoms

  1. Normal condoms

The usual condoms. Transparent and without stretch marks, they do their job, which is to protect you from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

  1. Latex-free condoms 

hypoallergenic, so there’s no excuse! This is the best way to continue practicing safe sex without worrying about latex latex  allergy.

  1. Ultra-thin condoms 

they will allow you to feel everything while still being protected. As if you were wearing nothing!

  1. Stretchy condoms 

perfect to add a plus to sex. Their grooves provide extra stimulation to the vagina. A marvel and perfect to spice the sex and be protected at the same time.

  1. Condoms with flavors

to give a different point to oral sex. We know that this practice can be a bit strange with a normal condom, especially because of the taste, but what if we add a citrus, fruity or exotic touch?

  1. Special condoms 

there are some condoms that delay orgasm in people with penis and advance it in people with vaginas, so that they can happen at the same time. Don’t tell us this is not a wonder!

Errors in the use of condoms

Even though it is a common thing, a good number of people do not use condoms correctly. So…

Avoid these common mistakes!

  1. Opening it with the teeth,

WRONG. This way you can tear the condom. Always open the condom with your hands, with love. And do it from the top, not the center.

  1. A thousand years in your wallet,

TERRIBLE. Between money, cards, heat and how tight they are in the wallet, their effectiveness decreases… and quite a bit.

  1. Natural oral sex,

PLEASE NO. STDs are also transmitted through oral sex. 

An Extra Tip:

Wait until the last moment: in case you haven’t already heard it a billion times during your student days, we remind you of a phrase of popular wisdom that we love: “Before it rains, it pours”. So don’t be such risk-lovers and take care of yourselves all the time, not just when you’re going to finish.

  1. Turn it upside down,

yes, as you hear, it is possible. It is normal that you start by putting it on wrong, you will notice because it does not unroll easily along the penis, but you have to do a thousand tricks to put it on. If you are in that situation, stop and start again from the right side.

  1. Do not remove the air,

what happens when you hit a vacuum-packed bag of potato chips hard? Exactly: it bursts. Well, if you don’t remove the air from the condom before putting it on, the same thing will happen. Just gently press the little bump on the tip of the condom with your fingers to avoid this mishap.

  1. Taking time to come out,

the penis shrinks after orgasm. This is why it is important to come out of the vagina quickly after finishing intercourse, to prevent the condom from staying inside or its contents from spilling inside the vagina.

  1. Half-waxing,

waxed or unwaxed, it’s okay. The problem occurs when the hair is coming out. The hair is usually harder and can therefore tear the condom when rubbed.

Now that you know all kinds and how to use them correctly, run to one of 3 New Fine Arts Dallas locations grab your condoms and sex toys Dallas.