Interested in Trying CBD in the Bedroom? Learn About CBD Topicals Here

One-third of adult Americans in a relationship say they are not sexually satisfied. Too many people are not having the kind of sex they want or need to feel happy.

What’s lacking? According to most polled, the absence of intimacy and effort kills our sex.

Is your sex less than satisfying? Are you searching for a way to kickstart your bedroom activities? CBD topicals are what you need.

Read on to learn how to have sexy, safe fun with CBD.

Lower Stress

Having great sex isn’t only about biological functioning. It’s about “getting there.” What keeps people from getting there?

Stress! Our lives are full of it. Work, finances, children are the ever-present life issues keeping us from great sex.

Taking CBD helps you and your partner forget the stress and focus on your mutual pleasure.

Pain Reduction

Many people use CBD topical salve for aches and pains. CBD topical cream is an effective and budget-friendly way to mitigate chronic inflammation.

Did you know 75% of women experience painful sex? How can anyone enjoy sex if it hurts?

When you absorb CBD topical relief oil, you increase blood flow to painful areas. Increased blood flow stimulates lubrication and sensation and reduces pain.

Better Orgasms

Is sex any fun if it doesn’t feel good? Just because you don’t experience any pain doesn’t mean you’ll find sex a worthwhile activity. You will if you can reach a satisfying climax.

Many women find that topical CBD oil or CBD-infused lubes help them achieve mind-bending orgasms.

How It Works

CBD topical spray or CBD lube increases blood flow to the clitoris and vagina. This increased blood flow also increases nerve stimulation.

Heightened stimulation and sensation often lead to longer, more powerful female orgasms.

Guys, do you feel left out? Don’t. The increased blood flow and heightened sensations help you, too.

Your erections will be stronger. Your arousal levels will increase, and you’ll share powerful CBD-induced orgasms.

CBD vs. THC Topicals for Sex

Which are better? They’re both derived from similar plants, but they offer you different sensations.


CBD oils and lubes relax muscles and gently increase stimulation. These products are not psychoactive and will not alter any feelings or experiences.


THC is psychoactive and provides a stronger, altered experience. These altered sensations work for some people but are distracting for others.

THC is a more extreme sensation, and you will get stoned when you use them.

Safety First

While you might be tempted to let your guard down, CBD lubes and creams need to be used with the same precautions you’d use any other. Make sure you’re aware of any condom integrity issues with your lubes.

CBD Topicals for Better Sex

Too many people have unsatisfying sex. You’re unable to get in the mood, feel too much pain, or can’t achieve orgasm. Life’s too short for lackluster sex.

Do you need help getting there with your partner? CBD topicals might be the answer.

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