Increasing Your Sexual Imagination: Tips for Writing a Fantasy

Many people don’t like to admit it, but sexual fantasies are an extremely important part of our social life. Just think about it — what would polite society be without all of the dirty thoughts that keep us going throughout the day?

If everyone’s consciousnesses were to be laid bare before the world, one would see that “perverts” are a lot more common than one might realize. The people we think of as “adventurous” are often just the people who act on their desires.

Having a sexual fantasy is one thing, but writing a fantasy is another. If you want to write a sexual fantasy, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through all you need to know about turning your sexual imagination into words that will rock worlds.

Common Fantasies

While we all have our favorite sexual fantasy, it’s important to understand what gets people going. You might want to write based on your sex life, but the fact of the matter is, sexual fantasy writing — just like sex — is all about give and take.

Find the balance between your sexual preferences and what people commonly like to great something that truly steams.

Sex With Several People

While it’s much dirtier than most people would admit to, sex with several people is the most common sexual fantasy out there. This is wonderful news for a writer. Sex with several people means more characters, more creative situations, and more unique dynamics to explore.

There are many wonderful carnal moments that are achieved during sex with several people. However, the best sexual fantasy writing comes from exploring the psychology behind the fantasy.

Think about why the common person would want sex with many people.

A threesome is interesting, but it’s more interesting when a “girl-next-door” waitress who secretly harbors sexual fantasies begins to flirt with a couple at one of her tables. The flirting is innocent enough, but that night she masturbates because she can’t stop thinking about them. The next night, the couple comes back to the restaurant, and leaves their phone number on their bill next to their tip with a message that says “you’re cute, call us”.

From here, you can go anywhere you want with the actual details of the sex. The important part about writing a sexual fantasy is staging the scene so that it’s erotic as well as believable.


Exhibitionism is a tough sexual fantasy to have since public sex can get you arrested. However, when you’re writing a sexual fantasy, you can liberate people’s sexual urges through the page. This is why writing about exhibitionism can be extremely fruitful for anyone creating a sexual fantasy.

Let’s take a look back at the exploits of our girl-next-door waitress.

Say that after she has a threesome with the couple, she finds herself working again next week, and sees the man from the couple at a table again. She flirts with the man while taking his order and asks where his girlfriend is. He explains that his girlfriend couldn’t make it and how much he missed her, all while fingering her under her skirt right at his table.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when you set up unique situations.


The BDSM community is no longer something strange you hear talked about in hushed whispers. The internet has made many wonderful BDSM sex toys available to help anyone get into the wonderful world of dominance and submission.

While BDSM should always be practiced with safety and communication, the world of sexual fantasy writing is a safe place to explore the darker elements of people’s sexualities. Let’s check back in with our waitress, why don’t we?

Let’s say that after the encounter with the boyfriend, the waitress finishes up her shift and heads over to the couple’s house. There, she finds that the girlfriend is on the bed in lingerie, already masturbating. She explains that she’s been teasing herself all night and that her boyfriend (dom) told her not to orgasm until the waitress came over and ate her out.

Once you establish who your characters are, and how they find themselves in various kinky situations, writing the actual sex is a breeze. Creating a sexual fantasy is partially dependent on your sexuality, but it’s also largely based on pleasing your audience.

Stay Concise

Building up a great, sexy circumstance is over half of the battle when writing about sexuality. The rest of the battle comes down to the quality of your writing.

While you don’t need to need to be Shakespeare, bad writing will severely distract from your sexual fantasy.

Leave conversations about characters’ emotions and internal monologue to a minimum. Focus on what characters say and do, rather than what they think and feel, so that your writing moves along smoothly. The audience can infer thoughts and emotions, which will enhance the reading experience.

Your descriptions of places, people, and situations should be precise but brief. You don’t need to get into every last detail — make sure you keep the rhythm of the story moving. The Hemingway app is a wonderful tool to help you bring conciseness and precision into your writing.

Writing a Fantasy

When it comes to sexuality, human beings are never short on imagination. Writing a fantasy is all about playing with the human imagination, and giving people a taste of what they don’t normally get in their everyday life.

Consider common fantasies, focus on the situation rather than the sexual details, play with people’s imaginations, and keep your writing concise, and you’ll surely write a fantasy that will have people drooling for more.

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