Getting Anal About Cleanliness: How to Properly Clean Your Anal Plug

No matter what material your anal plug is made of, not cleaning your sex toy can be a bad idea for a variety of reasons. Not only can dirty sex toys cause unpleasant infections, but not cleaning them can cut their lifespans short. When it comes to anal plugs, you will want to be especially careful when cleaning them.

Keep reading more below and learn some important tips for cleaning your anal butt plug.

How to Clean Your Anal Plug

Anal plugs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. For that reason, some anal plugs are easier (or harder) to clean than others. A glass anal plug and a stainless steel anal plug are some of the easiest plugs to clean.

That’s because both glass and steel are non-porous. For that reason, bacteria won’t be able to penetrate the anal plug which would make it harder to completely clean. An easy way to clean glass and steel plugs is to boil them in water.

You should boil them for around 10 minutes. That way, any bacteria sitting on the surface of the toy should be completely destroyed. After you’re done boiling the plug, dry it thoroughly and then store it in a clean and dry location.

Silicone plugs are also relatively easy to clean because they are also non-porous. They are very common since many find them to be more comfortable than glass or steel plugs. You can try boiling silicone plugs, but they might not hold up well against the hot water.

Instead, it is best to wash your silicone plug with warm water and soap. You can wash the plug with your hands or a gentle rag, but you should never use a brush or anything harsh on the toy. This might create scratches in the toy which might make it uncomfortable to use the plug in the future.

You will want to be careful when washing a vibrating anal plug since the water might interfere with the mechanics inside.

More Tips on Keeping Your Anal Plug Clean

Porous anal plugs are especially hard to clean because bacteria will more easily be able to penetrate the toy. For example, jelly anal plugs are porous. To clean them, you will need to be very thorough when washing them with soap and water.

They also tend to be less durable than other toys so you won’t be able to boil them. To keep your anal plug from getting dirty in the first place, you can try using a condom over the toy. This is a common practice for those who use the same sex toy on different people.

This way, most of the bacteria will be on the condom instead of the toy itself. But keep in mind that even if you do use a condom on the anal plug, you shouldn’t avoid cleaning the plug regularly.

How to Clean Your Anal Plug

Cleaning an anal plug doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. If you have a glass or steel anal plug, try boiling it for 10 minutes to remove any bacteria. For other types of anal plugs, rinse them under hot water and wash them with soap.

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