Flavored Lubricants For Your Senses

Surely you have used some lubricant, but have you dared to try a flavored lubricant? at Adult At Play  you can find them and make the experience of sex even more pleasurable.

As you know in the love and sex industry there are thousands of options, shapes, materials and of course flavors. If you want to experience something different but don’t dare, these flavored lubricants is a must in your sex life.

Stimulate your senses

When we think of sex and senses, most of the time we think of stimulation obviously by touch since physical contact during intimate relations is 100% present.

But why leave out the rest of the senses from the stimulation? By using flavored lubricants you will not only stimulate the sense of taste but also the sense of smell will be part of this fascinating feeling in addition to improving the experience during penetration.

Aroma and flavor

Most flavored lubricants include very sweet fruity aromatic notes. Fruits are aphrodisiacs  due to their sweetness, and so, most flavored lubricants and lubricants are based on fruit flavors. Lemon, strawberry, cherry, or banana are some of the aromas that are usually present in this type of lubricant, even though there are other formulas with such exotic mixtures as chocolate, caramel or peanut butter.

It is important that the flavor does not interfere with the sensations that we usually perceive during sex, that is why the intensity of these lubricants is intermediate and, remember that beyond their flavors, these lubricants are designed to facilitate penetration, therefore, their liquid base reduces friction and allows penetration to be much more pleasurable.

Flavor lubes for yourself

We usually relate the use of flavored lubricants with sexual practices as a couple, especially when we enjoy oral sex, however, these lubricants can also be used while masturbating with sex toys. Many people like to enjoy an experience that includes all the senses during masturbation, the sense of taste is very important, so using flavored lubes increases the pleasure. Before you start using a vibrator, you can pass it all over your body feeling your vibration, when you reach your mouth, you will feel the flavor of the lubricants and their aroma. It is true that flavored lubricants are intended for oral sex with a partner, but they can also be the best aphrodisiac during masturbation.

Flavor and sex toys

Something you should never forget is to enjoy most sex toys, for example vibrators, it is essential to use water-based lubricants, so the friction is less, and the toy will hardly suffer wear. Flavored lubricants are also mostly water-based, therefore, they are also designed to be used with erotic toys, in any case, if you are going to opt for flavored lubricants for use during masturbation with toys, we remind you that you should always check that the lubricant has a water base, which will allow you to care for and protect the surface of your sex toys .

At Adults At Play we always recommend you read the instructions before using any sex toy or item you purchase at any of our locations.