Facts About Erotic Dreams

Erotic dreams make us think and question why, but they also, and that’s for sure, make us feel a lot of pleasure but first we need to understand how they work.

Sleep is divided into cycles of approximately 90 minutes, each involving a different sleep phase. These phases can be divided into five: dozing, light sleep, transition, deep sleep, and REM sleep. It is during the latter that dreams appear. Specifically, what we are talking today: erotic dreams.

What are erotic dreams?

There are some people that say our dreams are like metaphors of our lives, or that serve as messengers of our deep conscience. Not necessarily what we see in the dream is something real, and more often an image or images that our sub consciousness stored in our minds and put back together assembled as stories. Together they form a dream, and combined with our sexual desires become erotic dreams. If it is true that dreams are metaphors with messages from your unconscious, then no one better than you will be able to determine what the erotic dreams  you have had mean from the interpretations that some psychologists have given them.

Why do we have sexy dreams?

The brain does not stop working while we sleep. In fact, it is constantly working during the day and night. Dreams have a physiological function, it is a way to “take out the garbage” of the brain, to sort out what was processed during the day, and they are super important, for example, memory. Your dreams, although they are the translation of inhibited carnal or sexual desires for which you are not responsible, should not be confused with reality . Just because you dream your partner having sex with someone else, doesn’t mean he or she is cheating on you.

What is the meaning of my dreams?

Dreams can indicate to you that there are certain things you want to do and that perhaps being awake and conscious you have not dared to explore. But they can also be an accumulation of coincidences, a cut-and-paste of your brain, to which you should not pay more attention or look for hidden or secret meanings. For example, if traditionally when you think of sex you remember your ex, because you had very good sex, it is possible that he or she appears to you in dreams. And that doesn’t mean that you want to go back to him/her, that you miss him/her. This could happen if you watched a porn movie, visited and adult store or played with a sex toy before sleep, maybe you will have erotic dreams.

In a dream we reflect ourselves; and if it is sex, we are talking about our intimacy. This means that our dreams can speak even beyond the sexual fantasies  we may have, it is our consciousness that somehow communicates and brings out what we think or feel.

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