Although erotic fantasies may still be a taboo topic for some, the truth is that most people had one. New Fine Arts tells you everything you need to know about those sexy fantasies.

Fantasies are ideas or thoughts that bring our sexual creativity into play. The ability to fantasize is very healthy. From the time we discover our sexuality, others around us may have started telling us, either directly or indirectly through their opinions or judgments of others, what is “right” and what is ”wrong”. So, almost without realizing it, we begin to set limits to certain desires related to pleasure.

What Are Erotic Fantasies?

Sexual Fantasies usually begin to awaken at puberty and accompany us for the rest of our lives. It allows us to escape from reality, to fulfill certain desires in our mind and, for this reason, it often seems that the fantasies we have go against our values and beliefs. In the world of fantasies there are no rules.

Benefits of Fantasies

They allow us to escape for a few seconds into a world of our own making. They contribute to enhance creativity and enrich sexual relations. Also, they help us to discover ourselves better; to discover what we like and what  excites us  and many times sex toys found here in Dallas can help in the discovery of maximum pleasure. The brain is the most important motor of sexual activity. Using the potential that gives us the ability to fantasize can help us to enrich and enjoy more our sexual life, as it directly affects the increase of sexual desire. By fantasizing you can live experiences that in real life you may not be able, or feel impossible to live; however, by experimenting them in your mind, they bring enormous pleasure that could spill over your sexual experiences.

Share Such Erotic Fantasies With Your Partner

Yes, they can be shared, but that is more up to each person. It is essential to understand that when something in sex is forced, it will never go well and can never be allowed. Fantasies are a resource for our pleasure, but if this brings conflicts with the couple or makes them feel guilty, it is better to consult a sex therapist. To be able to share them, first of all we must ask ourselves if we feel like it. If the answer is yes, maybe we should start with the “lighter” version of our fantasies

There is no need to go into too much detail. And we must consider if our lover can receive it well or we can awaken some insecurity, discomfort or rejection. For them, or for both, living these fantasies should come as something natural, something that is simply an eroticism of our mind that does not mean a real desire. Fantasies are our own creation and sharing them is based on the trust we deposit in our partner.

Dream To Reality

The relevance of making sexual fantasies come true depends on the individual, in his or her intimacy  and the way he or she conducts his or her sex life. Making a fantasy come true can have great results. Keep in mind that within our mind we are in control and we can idealize whatever pleases us. At the same time, if the expectations are not too high and the desire to live the fantasy is high, it is likely that by making the fantasy come true, new aspects of oneself and one’s partner will be discovered. Sexual life as a couple usually benefits from an extra injection of passion.

What are your fantasies like, do you make real movies in your head or do your senses take you to paradises of pleasure? In any case, whatever the fantasies are, the most important thing is to give yourself  permission to fantasize, free of guilt, censorship, shame or fear. At New Fine Arts Dallas you will find an extensive catalog of products to help create more fantasies to improve your sexuality.