Dare To Try These Sex Toys With Your Lover

Without a doubt, adult toys are becoming more and more popular and there are endless options to choose from. Have you already tried using them as a couple or you still don’t dare? s New Fine Art  invites you to try them with your lover.

There may be many reasons to use adult toys and you probably already know some of the benefits. Now imagine all these benefits shared with your partner!

Whether you want to add a new experience to your relationship, increase pleasure or simply try something new  for you and your partner, New Fine Arts recommends that you don’t leave the following toys/items out of your drawer because they will surely help you with your sexy goal.


Certainly, is one of the most popular and well-known sex toys: Vibrators . As you know there are thousands of models, shapes, and materials to choose from at any adult store. Here comes your personal taste and your partner’s. Remember that this time your sex toy will not be the protagonist but part of the encounter and fun.

The vibrator is a great tool to learn to know your body, to give pleasure to certain erogenous areas that perhaps we are not used to stimulating. So, a vibrator is perfect to use as a couple and reach other limits of pleasure.

Cock Ring

Another of the sex toys preferred and loved by couples is the cock ring . The man should put it on to reinforce the erection and the vibrations will stimulate  other parts of the men’s body as testicles, perineum and in the case of women to stimulate the clitoris during penetration. Also, this is one of the adult toys that you can control remotely, so once in place, you only have to worry about choosing the intensity or vibration pattern, depending on the model, and, of course, enjoying the experience of you and your lover.

Erotic Oils 

Maybe you don’t see it or consider them exactly as a sexual game or toy, but for many couples it works and pleases them. Aphrodisiac or erotic oils are those that help to awaken sexual desire. In recent years they have become very popular and a complement to have more pleasurable sex. They are most requested to raise the temperature, relax and live a passionate moment. The oils, besides moisturizing , can be used as aromatherapy and thus stimulate the sense of smell, by putting it on your partner’s body and touching it with soft movements, giving a relaxing massage, this helps to stimulate both of you before sexual intercourse.

There are oils that are edible so that kissing on the skin can become more pleasurable.

The list of toys and items you should try with your partner is endless so we will have a part 2. In the meantime, feel free to try these 3 toys that you can find at our 3 Dallas Fort Worth locations. New Fine Arts is the number one adult time in the metroplex. Come and see all the variety of adult toys we have.