10 Tips How To Be Good in Bed

How to be good in bed, a question that at some point has worried us all, and all of us. New Fine Arts have some tips for you.

Actually, it is not a subject that should obsess you, as we will see below, how to be good in bed is not based on a single method, there are many possibilities, all of them valid, what it is really about is to have some resources to make the other person enjoy whenever necessary.

Here are the ten tips to be good in bed:
  1. To be a good lover you must not be selfish. You should try to take care of your sexual partner, worry about what she likes and above all think about her place in your partner’s life. You should think about making your lover have a great time and feel more desired than ever.

  2. Be realistic with your partner about your sexual expectations. Hollywood sex or porn   scenes and the type of sexual expression you find on the web do not provide an accurate depiction of real sex. The more confident you both are that you can meet each other’s needs, the better the sex will be.

  3. There is one important key and that is to know how to listen and communicate. Women like to be listened to, so you should be attentive and show interest in what she tells you and how she feels. Clear and fluid communication will create a strong bond that will make sexual relations very intense. Think that a greater knowledge of desires translates into greater complicity and enjoyment.

  4. Become an ally of technology. If you know that there will be passion with your partner that night, send him/her sexy pictures and texts letting him/her know how much fun you are going to have and how much you will enjoy your sexual encounter.

  5. Another good tip to be a good lover is not to forget romanticism; sometimes a simple romantic detail can ignite passion. A compliment, a phrase, a flower, a tender caress… are just a few examples of small gestures that can ignite the sexual spark . At New Fine Arts you will find special but hot gifts for your lover.

  6. Men are always concerned about their erection giving pleasure to the woman, but rarely understand that female orgasms can be produced by stimulation at other points, such as the clitoris. So, take advantage and enjoy every part of your lover’s body and kiss her, touch her, make her enjoy.

  7. Sex toys , your great ally. Nothing more erotic than a man so sure of himself that he doesn’t feel less when he sees his partner having an incredible orgasm with a vibrator. Incorporate them into your sex life. Besides, if you are already tired, they help her to have one or several orgasms.

  8. If you regularly finish before your partner, that can become a frustrating problem, especially if it routinely signals the end of sex for both of you. One of the most effective ways to address this problem is through the use of a delay spray. This product is designed to allow you to last long enough to please your partner. Consider it and get it at an adult store .

  9. Creativity is a very important point in bed. Here you can propose new positions to your partner, use sexy lingerie, new sex toys , lubricants, and many other novelties that you can find in New Fine Arts.

  10. You should also enjoy the climax and wait for your partner to achieve the long-awaited orgasm. If you are able to have a good time just because your partner reaches the peak of pleasure, he or she will be delighted to be by your side.

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